Giftware News

Giftware News and her digital ancillary properties are designed and written for those professionals involved in the retail giftware industry. Giftware News serves gift stores, stationary stores, department stores as well as other retail outlets selling giftware, stationary, party and paper, tabletop and decorative accessories. Giftware News is unique in the industry with an abundance of information, a wealth of product photography, outstanding graphic design and high quality printing that all combine with Giftware News' digital products to result in a package that is unmatched by any other giftware publication.

Fancy Food & Culinary Products

The premier source for gourmet and specialty food retailers, Fancy Food & Culinary Products magazine highlights new merchandise, seasonal features, industry trends, show news, retailer tips and more within its full-color pages. Published four times per year, the fun, easy-to-read format centers around new products in the industry and caters directly to retailers.

Baby & Kids

With four dynamic issues each year, Baby & Kids serves the entire youth market, delivering trusted information, breaking industry news, comprehensive trade show previews and in-depth coverage of new products, brands and trends. As a specialty retailer, you'll receive our expert content and the latest information in apparel, furniture, entertainment, bedding and giftware.

Gift, Gourmet & Decor Plus

Gift, Gourmet & Décor Plus is written for the professional buyer who is now required to achieve success in today's highly competitive marketplace. No longer limited to specific categories, the market now requires retailers to understand trends and examine products in more than one market. Today's high-pressured buyer needs to know what's new, how to cross merchandise, how items will sell and what their margins will be across a wide array of merchandise.

Gift, Gourmet & Décor Plus is your single source to discover the latest new products, trends and show information. We're here to simplify your business needs.


Chef Magazine strives to assist foodservice professionals make the right decisions for their businesses by delivering ideas, information and inspiration for success. Chef Magazine integrates the art of food preparation from back-of-house techniques to the front-of-house dining experience.

Chef Magazine offers a unique blend of food and equipment articles, enhanced by reports on industry news and events and other cutting-edge topics affecting the success of today's industry professional. Its departments provide case studies/profiles, tabletop ideas, business solutions, beverage trends, ingredient uses, management tips and equipment and technology.

Chef Educator Today is the key resource for professional development and enhancement for culinary and baking/pastry arts educators. CET provides educators with the ideas and information they need to better prepare their students for the dynamic careers that await them upon graduation. Each issue features effective teaching tools and methods, people and programs that are leading the way in foodservice education, and further culinary techniques and information to enhance classroom curriculum.

Foodservice Educators Network International (FENI)

The primary purpose of the Foodservice Educators Network International is to provide a focal point for culinary educators to network, and better prepare for those they educate and influence.

Through Chef Magazine and the annual FENI Summit, culinary educators and others allied to the field have a continuous opportunity to expand their culinary knowledge, present papers, as well analyze the latest technical and theoretical concepts.

FENI brings together the culinary industry's most innovative chefs, award winning culinary educators, and dynamic personalities to enhance the teaching skills, motivate, and develop communication among those attending the annual Summit. FENI acknowledges the dedication of its past members, Sponsorship and Institutional Partners, the funding of Talcott Publishing and the leadership of its Executive Director, Daniel von Rabenau.